Beaver County Emergency Management Center:

Beaver County Emergency Services Center

911 Communication Center

Remember: Call 911 only for life-threatening or medical emergencies, crimes in progress or fires. To report all other concerns, please call (724)775-0880.  Should your child accidentally dial 911, please do not hang up the telephone. Your address and phone number will still comes through the Communications Center and a police officer will be dispatched to your home - even in the event of a hang up.

When calling 911 in an emergency:

Stay Calm
Speak loudly and clearly
Give your full name, address and phone number
Explain where you are and where the problem is
Follow all of the operator's instructions carefully
Don't hang up until the operator tells you to!

When calling 911 from a cell phone:

If you are driving a vehicle, PULL OVER AND STOP!
Cellular calls are still answered by the Beaver County Emergency Services Center. State clearly where you are: location, address, city or landmarks
State who you are: your full name and the cell phone number you are calling from
State the details of the emergency, including a description of the vehicle you are in and the people involved in the emergency