Meeting Agenda

May 11, 2022

Meeting called to order with the pledge of allegiance @ 6:00PM

President John Kaercher reminds everyone present that cell phones have to be put on vibrate and you have to leave the building to talk.


Engineer Report:

*Approval of Engineer report*

 Review of Street Department Report:

*Motion to enter into an Agility Agreement between Freedom Borough and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This agreement shall be effective for an initial 5- year period.

*Motion to adopt Resolution No. 05112022-6   authorizing Freedom Borough President as the PennDOT agility partner to be authorized and directed to sign the attached agreement on Behalf of the Agility partner.

 *Approval of Street Department.

*Mayor & Police Report: *Approval of Mayor & Police Report.

*Approval of the Minutes from Workshop meeting 4/4/2022 and monthly meeting 4/13/2022 as presented.        

*Treasurer Report: Acc. Balances as of 5-10-2022.
*Approval to Pay the Bills in the amount of $58,836.09 and any Bills that are deem necessary to be paid before the next monthly meeting as monies become available.

Solicitor Report:

*Approval of Solicitor report:


Peggy Griffith Code Enforcement report for April 2022.

                 Four Demolition Projects from Peggy Griffith.                   

                                Code Enforcement report from Brian Richards for April 2022.

                                FBCCA March 1, 2022 Board Meeting minutes
Committees Report:


Discussion on the hiring of Street Dept. (review of applications)


       Street Dept:



       Old Business: 

        New Business:

                   Literature in center of table:

                              Pennsylvania Borough News May 2022.

                              Elan City Twin Pack special solar or ultra-Mobility packs

                              Abbottstown Borough requests your consideration to pass Resolution to legalize