Meeting Agenda- July 13, 2022- 6:00pm

Meeting called to order with the pledge of allegiance @ 6:00PM

President John Kaercher reminds everyone present that cell phones have to be put on vibrate and you have to leave the building to talk.


Engineer Report:

  1.  Email from John Balewski re: 7th Ave. brick issue.
  2.  Approval of Engineer report

Review of Street Department Report:

  1.  We had our Liquid Fuels audit for January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2021 with no findings
  2.  2009 F-550 dump bed replacement?
  3.  Set meeting date with PennDOT agility meeting to discuss exchange of services
  4.  Received Bid from Michael Baker re: Youngblood proposal for paving projects dated Sept. 2021
  5.  Get-go Fleet Program gas for the vehicles
  6.  Approval of Street Department 

Mayor & Police Report:

  1.  Regional Police meeting Thursday July 14th @ 6:00 pm in Baden. (Important meeting)
  2.  Review of Mayor’s comments provided
  3.  Approval of Mayor & Police Report

Approval of the Minutes from monthly meeting 6/8/2022 as presented

Treasurer Report:

  1.  Account balances as of 7-12-2022
  2.  Approval to Pay the Bills in the amount of $12,570.23 and any Bills that are deem necessary to be paid before the next monthly meeting as monies become available

Solicitor Report:

  1.  Approval of Solicitor report

Code Enforcement:

  1.  Peggy Griffith Code Enforcement report for June 2022
  2.  Code Enforcement report from Brian Richards for June 2022


  1.  Friends of Old Economy Village “Good Neighbor Pass”
  2.  FBCCA May 3, 2022 Board minutes
  3.  RAJSA minutes from June 9, 2022
  4.  Rochester Area Sewage Treatment Plant operations & Maintenance report June 2022
  5.  PennDOT will perform sealcoat operations on Harvey Run Road and Unionville
  6.  Road both starting at third Avenue sometime in late July

Committees Report:



Street Dept.


  1.  Electric power to the Ashland playground


Old Business:

New Business:

  1.   Motion for Service agreement for the generator for Boro building – every other year
  2.  Fire dept pay-Boro pay. Fire Dept. paid this year. $325.00
  3.  Comcast upcoming program changes.
  4.  Thank you from Lou Armstrong for the Memorial Day Contribution!!!

Literature in center of table:

  1.  Freedom Lil Bulldogs Football Mothers Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser