Freedom Volunteer Fire Department

Freedom Volunteer Fire Department, Station 27 is a 100% volunteer fire department located within the borough of Freedom.  Established in 1904, Station 27 provides fire and rescue protection for the borough's 1,600 residents.

The purpose of this website is to educate the public, whom we protect, about the various aspects of the services we provide to the population. We are firm believers that through the teaching of fire prevention we can save lives by educating our citizens about avoiding potential fire hazards and what to do in the unfortunate case they find themselves involved in a fire or other type of emergency situation.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit our site and remember to always support your local volunteer fire department!


​​President: Mark Forrest

Vice-President: Vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: Gary Gilarno

Trustees: ​Harry Gilarno, Arthur Evans III, & Ken Bowser

 ​Operations Line Officers​

Chief: Harry Gilarno 2710

1st Assistant Chief: Paul Dambach 2711

 2nd Assistant Chief: Mark Forrest 2712

Captain: Rich Wiesnewski 2713

Lieutenant: ​Jim Whelan 2714


President: Arthur Evans Jr.

 Vice-President: Mark Forrest

Secretary: William Smith

Treasurer: ​Gary Gilarno


Have you ever thought of becoming a Fire Fighter? Do you have extra time to help your community? Do you want to make life-long friends? If so we have a position for you! We provide everything, all you need is dedication, courage, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges.

Join today to enjoy the benefits of volunteering for your community!

Please call Secretary, Gary Gilarno at 724-728-4708 for more information or stop by and see Chief Gilarno at Gilarno's Auto Repair on Third Avenue next to the fire station!